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5 Things Life Insurance Can Do

Life Insurance San Antonio

You may be wondering at this point, who is this man? Well, this is Walt Disney, you know, inventor of “Mickey Mouse”, founder of “Disneyland” and so forth. Ring a bell?

“Oh yeah, that guy” is probably your next response. But why is he on an insurance agency website blog post? Well my friend, good question. It turns out Mr. Disney has a linkage to life insurance that many do not know about. To quote the famed cartoonist: John Hix, as “strange as it seems”, Disneyland was funded primarily through a whole-life insurance policy, that Mr. Disney borrowed $100K tax-free, when the banks turned him down for a loan! Wait, life insurance did that? Sure did, so what else can it do for you, you might ask?

Here are 5 things you can do with certain life insurance products, based on a Life Happens article from 2015:

  1. Fund a college education- Yes, over time certain life insurance products build a cash-value, which can help you pay for your children’s decision to go to college. Oh yeah, and you can borrow that money, tax-free.
  2. Start a business- As mentioned with Walt Disney, an overlooked avenue of a source of funds when starting your new business is in fact, life insurance. Keep this in mind, when one starts out with a new business, they may go right to their bank for the big, fat loan needed to give it a jump-start. Only one tiny problem, banks want to see revenue from the business, before lending. Otherwise, they may have a hard time getting that money back if one is unsuccessful.
  3. Take care of a loved one- If you are fortunate enough to have your parents still around, chances are you may not spend enough time with them as you like. With work and work and oh yeah, work, it may seem impossible to spend precious time with them. Well, you may want to take some of the cash in your policy and spend a week taking care of them, or going to the baseball game like you did as a kid. We never do know what tomorrow will hold.
  4. Chronic illness- Many folks may think of life insurance as a benefit only valuable, well when one expires. True or false? Hopefully you said false, because as you know by now, with the right life insurance product, you can really do anything you want with cash-value built up in the plan. Even some term-life insurance products have riders built-in, that allow one to access a chunk of the death benefit, while you are alive, tax-free, if certain criteria is met. In most cases, when one can’t do two out of six activities of daily living.
  5. Outside retirement vehicles- You know that 401K you have at work, that your employer contributes a match every paycheck? Or that Roth IRA you set up 15 years ago, and you contribute up to the maximum limit yearly? Well another advantage of life insurance can be allowing you to put more money into these other retirement vehicles, with the safety-net you established with life insurance. And hey, you can even fund the first years of retirement with the cash-value on your policy, without “tapping” into the well of your other retirement vehicles.

Who knew life insurance can be of such practical value, outside of the obvious? Whether you are plotting your next big startup business or wanting to afford your kid’s rising college education, life insurance when customized to your needs, can be a good tool in your arsenal. Here at the Harrin Group in San Antonio, Texas, our job is to help you reach your goals in life and we will ensure we get there together. Call us today to start that journey with life insurance coverage tailored to your needs!

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