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Can Ice Cream Be Healthy?

Ice Cream San Antonio

For many people, ice cream is our “go-to” treat after a long day of work/school. And while we may feel guilty about eating it afterwards (especially after a pint), is it even possible that ice cream could have some health benefits for us?

It turns out, the answer is yes, dependent on what type of ice cream we buy. According to a report from Healthline contributor: Rachael Link, protein-based ice cream is the perfect choice, with some caveats. So what is protein-based ice cream anyway? Well, basically it contains a higher concentration of protein and lower calories than traditional ice cream via sweeteners like stevia. The protein comes in the form of a milk protein concentrate or even whey protein and usually has 8-20 grams of protein per pint.

With that established, let’s look at the pro’s first:

  1. High in protein (aids blood vessel function, immune health, tissue repair, and can build muscles)
  2. Low in calories (a good choice for those of us looking to lose some weight, but must be coupled with a well-rounded diet to achieve long-term weight loss goals).
  3. East to make (since most recipes use protein powder, this ice cream is very easy to make at home and one can add foods like bananas, and nuts to really make it special).

So that’s the good, what about the bad?

  1. Still has sugar (while protein-based ice cream contains less sugar than regular ice cream, many brands still have around 1-8 grams per serving, which could potentially contribute to many chronic conditions such as heart disease or even diabetes).
  2. Low in nutrients (although calcium will be in protein-based ice cream, what would be lacking is other essential vitamins and nutrients).
  3.  Could cause digestive issues (many types of protein-based ice cream contain added ingredients that could trigger digestive issues in some people, like prebiotics).
  4. Could increase overeating habits (some people may see the lower calorie count as permission to eat more ice cream than normal, and this could backfire on them depending on the serving size).

So the bottom line is like most things in life, moderation is key when it comes to ice cream. For those of us that would prefer a “healthier” ice cream option, protein-based ice cream is worth checking out, but be careful to not go over-board! Some popular brands you may see in your local supermarket are Halo Top, Enlightened, and Chilly Cow.

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Source: Healthline 



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