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Small Business Solutions

Business / Commercial Insurance

We here at the Harrin Group in San Antonio, Texas, believe that small businesses are the backbone of the American economy and we take pride in helping ensure your company is protected against any potential disasters. From buy-sell agreements to executive bonus insurance, we have a multitude of products to suit your needs.


How Do I Enroll?

If you would like to enroll into a product for your small business, we kindly ask you contact us so we can do a free, custom analysis on your situation, and find a plan suitable for your business needs.

As you will see in the video below, there will be up’s and down’s when starting or running a small business. We can attest to that ourselves for sure! Hear from some of those who were successful in their business ventures and their advice to keep moving forward and prosper! We do our part by insuring your business has adequate insurance coverage for the unexpected, like a loss of a key employee.


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