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Tips To Prepare For The Coronavirus


By now, we are sure you have heard about the pandemic going around the globe referred to as “Coronavirus”. We here at The Harrin Group felt it would be beneficial for our audience to learn some quick tips on how to reduce the risk of becoming infected, as we are in the business of keeping our clients healthy and happy.

One of the biggest recommendations is to not panic, as the majority of those who contract the virus do not end up seriously ill. But that does not mean precautions should be taken.

  • Keep your hands clean and keep distance from anyone who is sick (washing hands is always critical and dry with a clean towel or even air dry, along with using alcohol-based hand sanitizers)


  • Despite popular belief, the usage of face masks are not going to be helpful, unless you already are infected (one popular face mask if you work around hospitals or the like is called a N95 mask, which blocks 95% of very small particles)


  • It may be a good idea stock up on home supplies, medicines, and any resources you may need in the event of a major outbreak here in the United States (experts usually recommend a 30-day supply or more of needed prescriptions, as well as food staples like canned goods to hold you over in the event of grocery stores experiencing shortages)


  •  One other tip is to have a family emergency checklist in place, so that answers to questions on evacuations, resources and supplies are satisfied well in advance (check out what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has in their list here)


  • If you have children, the interesting thing about this virus is that infection among children has been very rare but experts still recommend to get the necessary vaccines (one major vaccination that is crucial is for the Flu)


  • If you are adventurous and plan to travel abroad, ensure that you have in place international health insurance coverage (we work with a multitude of top-rated carriers such as IMG and GeoBlue, and you can even sign up yourself 24/7 here).

We hope you found this blog post on the emerging Coronavirus coverage helpful, courtesy of The Harrin Group. If we can ever be of assistance to you or anyone in your family, we are here for you! Contact us for a no obligation analysis of your situation today!

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