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Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Medicare Insurance Plans, Retirement Solutions, and Annuities for San Antonio and all of Texas, California, and Florida

The Harrin Group is a unique insurance agency located in historic San Antonio, Texas. What makes us unique is that unlike most insurance agencies, we are an independent insurance agency offering a custom solution to your needs, rather than sell you off the shelf products.

Think of it this way, when you are out shopping for your next car, you expect to look at and compare multiple makes and models and get the best deal for your money, right? You should expect the same for your insurance coverage also, and unfortunately, this is not the case at many of the other insurance agencies who have only one product, one company, and a standard rating guideline to abide by. So you are “stuck” with the one option and have no other companies, products, or services to compare to. Doesn’t sound like the best move, huh?

At the Harrin Group, we take the time and effort the shop around to the largest and best-rated insurance companies to find the lowest priced customized option for your needs, not our’s. Most important to you, we never charge any fees for our services and treat you as if you were our own personal family.

Our team has over 25 years of experience in the Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Medicare Insurance Plans, Retirement Solutions, and Annuities industries and we work with top carriers across all spectrum’s. We are licensed in Texas, California, and Florida. Secure your future today by reaching out to us now for a no cost, no obligation analysis of your life, health and retirement insurance needs and allow us the opportunity to serve you.

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*Not connected with or endorsed by the United States Government or the federal Medicare program.


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