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Medicare Solutions

Nurse laughing with senior patient sitting in wheelchair.

Finding the right Medicare solutions can be quite daunting in today’s insurance environment, especially with the bombardment of advertisements seniors get before turning 65. Thankfully, The Harrin Group offers a complete line of Medicare plan options here in San Antonio, Texas, the surrounding state, Florida and California, that are tailored to meet your specific needs. We work with many, top-rated insurance companies, and will work hard to find one that will provide you with the coverage and benefits you desire. Whether that means finding you a great Medicare Supplement or setting you up with a benefit-enhanced Medicare Advantage plan, we are here to serve you!

You will often find that when you stumble across insurance agency websites, little to no information is found on the in’s and out’s of Medicare plans or any other product. They most likely will want you to call or email them for quotes or just to get some simple information! Who has time for that nonsense anymore? It is after all 2020, right? Here at the Harrin Group in San Antonio, Texas, we feel that empowering our customers with knowledge, is the first step to fostering a good relationship. We took the time to bring you relevant and important concepts, information, and practicality of Medicare plan options, and even if we can’t do business with you, we hope you become more knowledgeable after visiting our “Medicare 101” page.

If by chance you are already somewhat knowledgeable on Medicare plan options, we first want to applaud you and you may be wondering what is the next step? You may already know what you want, so that is why we are one of the only agencies you will find not only locally, but we argue state-wide, where you can self-quote and self-enroll without ever having to speak to anyone! Pretty cool, right? To do so, visit our “Enroll Online” page to select the product(s) of your choice, and easily enroll in minutes. And here is the nice part. Even if you self-enroll, we will be your local insurance agency if you ever have an issue or concern. No 1-800 # here, no waiting for the next representative (30 min later…), just a simple call, text, email, or live-chat away!

To recap folks, The Harrin Group is a customer-focused agency in San Antonio, Texas that can help you make sound, informed decisions about issues affecting your Medicare insurance needs. Let’s face it, Medicare insurance plans are vital in today’s world, because we as individuals never know what the future might hold for us and tragedy can strike us anytime! Our philosophy is to fully understand your personal objectives and then translate them into solutions that provide assurance and peace-of-mind. We look forward to working with you today and having you be a part of our Harrin Group client-family!

Are you a history fan? We are big history buffs here at The Harrin Group in San Antonio, Texas, and want to share with you a brief historical overview of Medicare (in case you get asked on Jeopardy.. just kidding of course)

For a more in depth information on Medicare, please visit our “Medicare 101” page.

Source: Kaiser Family Foundation

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