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5 Summer Travel Tips

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico-(Brian Harrin) With Summer being one of the most busiest times of the year for travel, here are some tips on how to score that perfect deal for your getaway based on our personal experiences here at The Harrin Group. Be Flexible In Your Travels, If Possible When booking travel, it is worth it to see if a flight can be... Read Article

Planning For Retirement

  When it comes to retirement, a main concern for many folks is determining just how much money we will need to live comfortably. Now, "comfortably" can have a totally different meaning depending on the person you ask, but in general, let's assume its the basics such as water, food, shelter, etc. According to a recent article by Maurie Backman from The Motley Fool, this... Read Article

Tax Tip

With spring finally upon us, that means one thing... Tax time is just around the corner. The one day of the year we hope passes quickly. To help alleviate some stress this year and for additional guidance, here is a fresh tip from CNBC on retirement savings. For those of us that contribute to either a Traditional or Roth Individual Retirement Account (IRA), you may... Read Article

Eye Health

A familiar sight. The elusive eye chart, where we squint and squint to try to read the microscopic letters and numbers, in hopes of passing the test with full colors. But did you know that according to a recent University of Michigan poll, 1 in 5 Americans ages 50-80 have missed out on getting their eyes checked within the past two years. So why does... Read Article

Happy Holidays!

Here at The Harrin Group, we would like to wish everyone a joyous holiday season and it is our hope that you enjoy spending quality time with those who matter most in your life. Until next time... The Harrin Group... Read Article