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Have you ever been in a situation where you were prescribed a medication and your plan wants a big co-pay or co-insurance for it? Or maybe you simply do not have any health coverage, and dislike paying the full retail cost for a medication?

Well, the good news is there is a free program called “GoodRx” that allows consumers who have coverage (ie. Medicare plan, Health insurance plan) or no coverage, a way to save up to 80% on both brand-name and generic medications. Using a price comparison tool, GoodRx allows you to shop around in your local area by pharmacy, and pay the stated discount price that shows up on the mobile app or website, dependent on your medication, dosage, etc.

We highly encourage our clients to utilize GoodRx as a backup, in case a prescribed medication is too costly on their health plan. In some cases, GoodRx will be a better deal and in the case of Medicare prescription drug plans, will not apply to their true-out-of-pocket costs (TROOP). Simply input a medication, search by zip code, and pay the stated price at that pharmacy, by showing the pharmacist the codes from your phone or presenting the GoodRx card, which you can order for free here.

Case Study:

Gabapentin is a medication that sometimes can be costly on a Medicare plan, so a quick check to GoodRx reveals that a 90-day supply of 300MG, using Walmart in the San Antonio, TX area is $11.50 (As of 12/2/18). Not too shabby, huh?


Use GoodRx as a backup if you have prescription drug coverage to ensure you pay as little as possible for medications and if you have no coverage, it would be wise to use it.

We hope you found this information helpful. Here at the Harrin Group, we are not like your run-of-the-mill insurance agency who puts their interests first, we put your interests first. We do our very best to save you money, give you quality coverage, and the knowledge to remain on top of the ever-changing health care industry.

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Source: GoodRx

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