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Individual Vision Insurance

Individual Vision Insurance In Texas

We hear it from folks all the time, whether they are in San Antonio, Texas or San Diego, California. They need vision insurance to go along with their health insurance. So what is vision insurance? Well, essentially it provides coverage for services relating to the care and treatment of the eyes. It typically covers services delivered by an optometrist or ophthalmologist. Depending on the specific plan, some or all of the following services may be covered:

  • Yearly eye exams – glasses (with an annual limit)
  • Contact lenses and fitting (with an annual limit)
  • Glaucoma screening

Some vision insurance plans may provide more extensive coverage (such as certain eye surgeries), while others may limit coverage to “reasonable and customary” charges incurred during routine eye exams. Reasonable and customary charges generally do not include the cost of glasses and contact lenses.

How Do I Enroll Online?

To sign up at your leisure 24/7, visit our “Enroll Online” page to select the product(s) of your choice, and easily enroll in minutes. And here is the nice part. Even if you self-enroll, we will be your local insurance agency if you ever have an issue or concern. No 1-800 # here, no waiting for the next representative (30 min later…), just a simple call, textemail, or live-chat away!

As you will hear in the short video below, a pre-test is conducted before your optometrist exam. That “puff of air” you always get is checking for excess pressure in your eyes that can damage your vision and medically is called: glaucoma. It is important to get your eyes checked every year, to maintain optimal vision.

The Harrin Group offers free, comparative quotes on vision insurance from multiple insurance carriers so you can get the best possible rate.

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