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International Travel Insurance

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Traveling. We save up, plan ahead, and away we go to our destination. While most people ensure that they have all the essentials with them: sunscreen, medicine, and a Kindle, we often overlook a very crucial item. This item is travel insurance, and can be very handy whether one is in the states or overseas. While your current health plan may travel with you around the U.S., the likelihood of it traveling with you to China is not probable.

Recently, one of the agents of the Harrin Group: Brian Harrin, signed up for a study abroad in the holy land of Israel for late December 2017. Prior to leaving the country, Brian signed up for travel insurance from a company the Harrin Group works with and little did he know he would be using the plan in the coming week. For roughly a $25.00 one-time premium, Brian had coverage for up to $2 Million and a $0 deductible for medical, including emergency room, surgery, intensive care, urgent care and more. While Brian was on the trip, he came down with a case of Bronchitis that was progressively getting worse by the day and talked to his group about seeing a doctor. Brian was taken to an urgent care clinic in Tiberias, Israel at 8PM on a Saturday night, and did not have to pay a dime for his visit, thanks to his travel insurance plan.

While Brian did not expect to have medical issues on his trip, unfortunately they did arise. Luckily, having travel insurance in his arsenal was key to preventing a huge medical bill overseas and ensured he could come back home healthy. So the next time you are planning that cruise to the Bahamas or flying down to Costa Rica for the long weekend, make sure to include travel insurance in your “must-have’s” and have the peace of mind that if any medical issues arise, they will be taken care of for just a few dollars.

Here at The Harrin Group in San Antonio, Texas, we can help you secure travel insurance for you and your family’s next trip abroad and it can be done very quickly. You can even print your I.D. card the same day upon approval, for those urgent trips. We look forward to covering your back on your next trip.

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