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The Meddling Effects Of Bad Dental Hygiene

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There exists an unrecognized but serious health issue. It turns out that when we delay or forgo brushing our teeth after that long day at work, and this pattern continues, trouble may soon be knocking at your door.

As a basis point, the mouth is truly one of the dirtiest areas of our bodies, and the reason is simple: bacteria is abundant in this region and when bacteria is left unchecked, it can cultivate into gum diseases like periodontitis. Keep it up, and one may not be so willing to take those tempting “selfies”, as yellow-ridden teeth and puffy and red gums will be glaring back at you, with that smile.

Now comes the surprising effects. Science has proven that when the bacteria which is left unchecked in the mouth cultivates into a serious matter, it can enter the bloodstream via bleeding gums and then major problems populate. These can entail heart disease, endocarditis, stroke, inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis, and lung conditions. Who knew, right?

So before you go into panic attack mode, let’s go over briefly how to avoid this. Simply, it boils down to having and maintaining a good oral hygiene regimen. Brush those teeth two times a day, floss, and here’s a tip. Wash your mouth with hydrogen peroxide, which will kill viruses and bacteria in your mouth. And it’s a lot cheaper than your Listerine:) Stay current with your checkups and cleanings at your favorite dentist provider and most importantly, reach out to your local, friendly insurance agency: The Harrin Group, for some very innovative dental plans here in San Antonio, Texas and beyond. We take dental seriously and want to ensure you and your loved ones have coverage that meets your needs and your budget. 

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